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doctah_ignazio in thedecemberists

Down with Starbucks!!! Don't let it happen to you!

Thanks to the help on the previous post, I've got some love for you guys.

The Perfect Crime 1

Hurdles Even Here

j rock


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You're a peach. Thanks!
Wow. I can't even really describe how I feel about The Perfect Crime #1. Colin wasn't kidding about that absinthe binge. It's the only explanation I can think of as to why they sound like They Might Be Giants or something equally...weird.
Like a Dr. Worm that runs out of steam.
;_; ily... even if these aren't great, i'm still big on getting every decemberists related thing ever
wow. I'm speechless, that's really really really bad. Bad is the only word that comes to mind.
Maybe they should be known as C-Sides. Like not good enough to be B-sides.
...and colin said dracula's daughter was the worst thing he's ever done...
at least he had the grace to leave that one unfinished.
at best i can think its an anti advertising ploy. kind of like "yeah, we may be on capitol, but we're just going to release crappy music to the starbucks crowd in hopes to get rid of them."
Yeah, but he knew people would pick it up if he offered the Perfect Crime Pt. 1. I mean everybody wants to hear the precursor to the dance jam of 06.

At best, I think that someone was recording when they were screwing around, and they just decided to use everything from the sessions.
thanks, random LJer.
I hope it's okay that I sent this to Stereogum. They're my favorite and I wanted to share.
1.) Capitol/iTunes needs to stop screwing around with this exclusive/digital nonsense. Just release an EP. Digital=disposable=lost or deleted in two years.

2.) Colin needs to stop singing about Carson's reproductive organs.
...i liked wonder.
Before this post gets shut down I should ask: what are the titles exactly? I keep seeing different titles. It's gonna be scrobblin' chaos!

I assume they would be "The Perfect Crime #1/The Day I Knew You'd Not Come Back" and "Hurdles Even Here."

And really, what ever happened to the mailing list? This is the sort of thing they should tell us about.
Why would this post get shut down?

Those are the correct titles. At least that's what's written on the Starbucks sticker.
while we're on a music sharing post ... any kind souls want to upload after the bombs?
Hooray... do we now have all the tracks cut from Crane Wife? I guess we'll never get a recorded version of Wonder.
thank god.
Ohhh wow. The others are not impressive, but Day I Knew You'd Not Come Back is surprisingly sexy. Am I the only one who thinks that?
Sexy is the word. Not particularly good, but hot, yes.
Umm, those are pretty...bad. Me doesn't like bad Decs songs.
Is it bad that I really kinda like them?? Maybe I'm totally biased when it comes to any Decemberists related thing, but these songs are really interesting. I'm happy they didn't put it on the Crane Wife because they just don't belong on a major Decemberists album. However, I'm really liking the horns in Perfect Crime #1 and the Sax in Day I Know You'd Not Come Back. As for Hurdles Even Here, it's very un-Decemberists like just in the way that it's kinda very autobiographical, and while I have heard the other song (I don't know if I should call it The Baby Song or the Fetus Song or Weird and Wonderful so I'll just stick to the "other song") the syntax seemed much more Colin like in comparison to regular Decemberists songs. These songs are very odd, but I like them all the same.
Ok, I've been listening to Hurdles Even Here somemore and it looks as if I totally misinterpreted the song. It still has the autobiographical feel, but I it's about ovarian cancer I guess, which I just didn't pick up when I wrote my message a few days ago. (I say it was sleep deprivation since I wrote it about an hour before I finally went to sleep that day, and as everyone can see, it was pretty late or pretty early depending on your definition of time)

I don't drink Starbucks either!

Bizarre! Fascinating! Not great!
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